Boaters come to us when they get tired of one-way conversations with insurance sales people.


We get it – you need comprehensive insurance cover that meets your budget, protects your assets and covers your bases. We develop strategies to help you get to where you want to go and maintain a relationship that helps keep your insurance up-to-date.

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Step 1

Where you are now

We take the time to understand where your real risks lie.

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Step 2

We discuss options

We determine the strategy to best suit your unique situation.

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Step 3

We hunt down quotes

We compare multiple insurers to ensure you get the most cost-effective cover.

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Step 4

We deliver your cover

We deliver a report that outlines the best cover suited to your needs.

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Step 5

We implement your plan

Our underwriting team puts the cover in place and sends you the paperwork electronically.

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Step 6

We follow up

We've only started a professional relationship that will continue for years.


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